Disrupt London Finalist Photomath Rockets To The Top Of The App Store

Have you tried Photomath yet? It’s brilliant. It’s a camera app that solves math equations. Just point and solve. The company launched the app earlier this week at Disrupt London, and yesterday, unseated Facebook Message to become the top free on the App Store.

The app works in real time and displays the answer to an equation in an augmented reality layer. Click a button to have the app guide you through the steps needed to solve the problem. The app’s creators said at Disrupt that the app works with equations typical of middle school math. It won’t help you with trigonometry yet.

Sadly, Photomath doesn’t support handwriting yet. It only works with printed equations.

Photomath is free and MicroBlink doesn’t see the app as the future of the company. The company also makes optical character recognition software for banks. To them Photomath is just a proof of what the company can do and they hope the app’s success will lure more companies to the other products MicroBlink offer. As for Photomath, the company understands its core competency is not educational software and is willing to license the technology to others.

MicoBlink launched Photomath at Disrupt London and won a spot in the final round. The company ultimately lost to Crate but a spot atop the App Store is the next best thing.

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