Ondigo Launches In Battlefield With A Magic Automated Mobile CRM Tool

From starting one of the first clubs in Tel Aviv to hanging out in front of a Home Depot in Palo Alto, Calif. in 2013 handing out doughnuts for surveys and running from the cops, it’s been a long road for the founders of mobile CRM tool ONDiGo, which has been in stealth beta and is launching at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe conference today.

The company is also launching ONDiGo for Salesforce, which integrates all of the information collected on the mobile phone back into Salesforce automatically, and is now available for iOS and Android.

“All of us founders, we’ve either owned small businesses in our past or worked at them,” says chief executive Yoni Dariel. “My partner, Ohad Oren, did retail and wholesale in Spain and the UK, and Nir Keren, the chief technology officer, previously started two startups Grepper and Cloudsync.”

So the three founders developed an application that provides automated customer relationship management tools for small businesses and business owners on the go.

The three met in Israel’s special forces and remained friends ever since. “We ran businesses, and we had customers but we were basing our businesses on sticky notes and excel spreadsheets,” says Dariel.

Dariel moved on from nightclubs to consulting for startups and during that process he got acquainted with Salesforce.com and its customer relationship management tools.

“It’s an amazing tool…. It’s hard to work with, but it’s an amazing tool,” Dariel says. “If we had had those tools when were young and stupid and making cash we would have done much better. So we thought, how can we make this accessible to the stupidest people like ourselves.”

That’s when development started for ONDiGo in 2011. The company’s customer relationship management tool automates all of the hard parts of data entry and integration with traditional hosted CRM tools, says Dariel. “We make on-boarding of the CRM as easy as downloading an app,” he says. “The second thing is, I’m stupid and lazy, so we manage to make it a zero-data-entry product.”

In fact, the product automatically builds customer databases by capturing every interaction through email, calendars, phone calls, and text messages.

The company already has partners including ZoomInfo, and Wicks, and is in the process of becoming a Salesforce partner.

In stealth beta for the past year, Ondigo is coming out for the first time on the Disrupt stage.

“In the boring CRM world, we are the cool, funky kids,” says Dariel. “We emphasize three things: simplicity, automation and design. Currently there’s a division between consumer applications and business applications. With us, all of the magic happens under the hood, so you’re left with a cool user experience which is intuitive, like a consumer application for business.”

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