A User’s Guide To Disrupt London 2014

Hard to believe that Disrupt London opens tomorrow! As always, TechCrunch has partnered with an amazing array of folks who promise to make your experience at the conference better than ever.

Official Wifi Sponsor: Our wifi is sponsored by Cushman & Wakefield. You can find it using the network name “Cushman And Wakefield.”

Official Hardware Alley Sponsor: Autodesk Manufacturing is pleased to sponsor our fun-filled Hardware Alley day again on Tuesday, October 21.

Official Chat Platform of Disrupt: Atlassian is offering 6 months of unlimited group chat, video chat and screen sharing for free to Startup Alley! They are also giving each attendee 6 months of free HipChat Plus. Register here using code EUTCDisrupt14.

Official Hackathon Platform: ChallengePost is reprising its role at the Hackathon, providing the platform for our wiki. Thanks, y’all!

Registration: Eventbrite has long been a TechCrunch partner. If you purchased a ticket, you used Eventbrite. We love them and we think you will, too. If you haven’t purchased a ticket, please go do that now!

Don’t miss a thing: You can follow along with our hashtag on Twitter, #TCDisrupt.