Bag Week: The Nomadic WT-18 Wise-Walker Toto

Can true bag pleasure be had for $81? I think so. I’ve fallen in love with Nomadic brand bags over the years and I would like to tell you about the Nomadic WT-18 Wise Walker Toto, a Japanese bag sold by JetPens that is just about amazing.

I’ve used many Nomadic bags over the years and this is the second time I’ve featured Nomadic in bag week. This bag I actually received as a Christmas present, I believe, which is a testament to how much I truly enjoy these things.

Why? Well each Nomadic looks staid on the outside but always features a great internal color – blue or red or orange – and there are enough pockets in these things to hold all of Batman’s grenades, grappling guns, and robotic spider spies. There are pockets inside pockets and the entire front face of the bag is a mass of zippered containers. You can organize your things spatially, put necessary items into easily accessible spots, and put pens and things in the front area while the laptop sits snugly inside. It’s been a boon companion on many international trips and, although I’m testing another bag on a trip this weekend, I’ve come to consider this bag a friend and confidant.

Check out Nomadic. The bags are wonderfully built, smaller than traditional laptop bags, and work amazingly well. They’re a treat to carry and they look – and remain – great over time.

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