Join Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong In Two Weeks At Disrupt Europe

Bitcoin is a global phenomenon, growing from mathematical curiosity to possible threat to the world’s currency system in a few short years. Coinbase has recently been at the center of the bitcoin boom. Flush with more than $30 million in venture capital, the company has big plans.

Joining the TechCrunch crew at Disrupt London 2014 in under two weeks is Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. We’ll press him on the growth of bitcoin’s participant network, how Coinbase may be able to drive adoption of the currency more broadly, and, yes just what the hell is going on with the price of the stuff.

With bitcoin picking up regulatory momentum from governments — including the United States —  it’s a key moment for the cryptocurrency: Will it be sufficiently left alone by state actors to flourish, or will it find itself ground flat under the boot of national intervention?

Bitcoin believers span the range from anarchistic tech-heads to common bakers. They share a single vision, that bitcoin can replace much of how we transact as a species. Bitcoin is in some ways binary: Either it ignites a payment revolution, or it does not.

Having endured several hype and bust cycles, is bitcoin headed for the moon, the dumpster, or stability? We’ll find out. See you there.

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