Watch HTC’s ‘Double Exposure’ Phone (And Camera?) Event Live Right Here

HTC has an event today, kicking off at 4 PM ET, and it’s called “Double Exposure,” which has led everyone to logically conclude that it’s camera-related. The rumor mill has been actively trying to anticipate what’s coming, and it seems highly probable we’ll witness the introduction of new selfie-specific smartphones based on the HTC One M8, and the lower-cost Desire range.

The so-called One M8 Eye and Desire Eye, one or both of which might be announced later today, are supposed to pack a really powerful front shooter, with as many as 13 MP, with an equally beefy camera on the back. HTC has been eschewing big megapixel sensors in its smartphone cameras over the last couple of years, preferring instead to champion its ‘UltraPixel’ tech, which uses larger pixels instead. The new Eye cameras might signal a new generation of this tech, or a move back to higher resolution sensors.

HTC is also said to be planning a new GoPro-style action camera reveal for this event, which could also help explain the ‘Double’ in ‘Double Exposure.’ This gadget has been leaked a bunch, and could resemble a little periscope. A journalist on Twitter published photos he claims are the new camera earlier today, and they resemble those found in a still frame in HTC’s own promo. I’m very curious to see why HTC thinks it can do a better job than GoPro in this market with what looks like a spiritual successor to the Flip Video camera, so I’ll be watching the above right along with you at 4 PM.