TinyScreen Lets You Put A Tiny Screen On It

Need to put a tiny screen on your tiny thing? Is it your life’s mission to play Flappy Bird on the smallest device possible? Do you have excellent vision? Then put a TinyScreen on it!

This surprisingly clever little screen is about as big as a postage stamp and it works with the Tinyduino programmable board. The screen is small enough to fit into a watch casing and you can even use it to play games and get tiny notifications.

The Akron, Ohio-based team has worked with tiny stuff before. Their own Tinyduino boards are built specifically to work with the TinyScreen. The screen costs $25 for just the display and $55 for the display, controller boards, and battery. You can even buy little kits that make gaming consoles, video players, and watches.

The team was looking for $15,000 but has just hit over $40,000 so it looks like your tiny screen dreams will come true. If you’re a software kind of person, I doubt you’ll be into TinyScreen but if you have any hardware ambitions whatsoever I could definitely see this wee little fellow being the screen of choice for all your smallest fantasies.