This App Avoided Being Made Useless By Using The iPhone’s Charger (But Not For Charging)


Remember Cycloramic? It was one of our favorite iOS apps last year. It allows you to take hands-free 360-degree selfie panoramics by using the iPhone’s vibrating motor to propel it around your desk.

A key component of this trick, though, was that the last few iPhones have had squared edges. Those edges allowed the phone to be placed upright for proper pano-selfie framing. Otherwise, you’re just taking a picture of your ceiling.

But wait! The iPhone 6 has round edges. It can’t stand upright on its own. Cycloramic is doomed, right?

Nope! As it turns out, people who come up with super clever ideas can also come up with super clever workarounds.

The trick? Grab your iPhone charger, rest your phone between the prongs, and fire away. Ta-da! Hands-free, 360-degree selfies on the iPhone 6, rounded edges be damned.

Is it just as slick as the iPhone 5/5s versions? Nah. Bringing a second piece into the mix ruins the magic a bit, given that you aren’t always going to have your wall charger on hand. But it’s a damned clever way for them to fight off the obsolescence that has been otherwise thrust upon them.