VLC Touches Down For Windows 8.1

If you are a Windows 8.1 user, the VLC team has a little gift for you this Friday: An app. As Neowin notes, if you have the former edition installed, you will want to yank that one, and then install the new code.

Microsoft has struggled to attract top-tier support from developers for is Windows 8.x platform — it has been something of a constant narrative. To see VLC continue to support Microsoft’s platform is encouraging for the software company.

You can download the new application here.

Microsoft is currently working to better integrate its application ecosystem, to help make it simpler for developers to build once, and then sell their wares across device classes. Or, when Microsoft says ‘One Windows,’ it is more than a quip. The company hit the point hard at its recent Windows 10 event.

For now, if you are on the most-modern, non-preview build of Windows, you have better application support than you had yesterday.