Night At The Roculus Makes Bobbing Your Head To “What Is Love” Funny Again For A Minute

what is love

The 90s may be over… the pogs stuffed in a box in the garage, the bowl cuts shaved, the grungy hemp necklaces thrown away…

But we have virtual reality. We can rebuild it. And, apparently, we’re starting by rebuilding the back seat of the car from Night At The Roxbury.

As Ready Player One predicted, one of the most popular early uses of virtual reality is to recreate scenes and environments from pop culture, transmuting them from something you watch into something you experience. Want to roam around a glitchy, super rough version of South Park? Sure! Want to poke around Seinfeld’s apartment? Okay!

And now…


For extra laughs, check out the site for the project, with guest appearances from just about every awful 90s web design cliche in the book.