The Windows 10 Technical Preview Will Be Available For Download Today

At its San Francisco event, Microsoft announced that the technical preview of Windows 10 will touch down tomorrow.

Update: you can now sign up for the Windows Insider program and download the preview here.

The company’s new operating system is a long-awaited replacement for its beleaguered Windows 8.x platform. That version of Windows saw limited business adoption, and consumer fatigue.

On stage, Microsoft executive Terry Myerson stated that Windows has 1.5 billion users. Myerson indicated that Windows is at a “threshold,’ ironically. For more on the new operating system, head here.

The ‘Insider Program” is designed to let people get the new code, but with the expectation that they new stuff will be a bit off, here and there. New code is new code, after all. Myerson indicated that the new code is an attempt to “share more than ever before.” The goal, he said, is to build something for every Microsoft customer.

Windows 10 is the name for the “product family,” according to the company.

The full operating system will be available after Build in 2015, or, put another way, mid of next year.