The Gigantic BlackBerry Passport Is Now Available In Canada, Coming To The US On AT&T

In case the Galaxy Note or iPhone 6 Plus are too small for you, BlackBerry today formally introduced the BlackBerry Passport. The massive device rocks a square 4.5-inch screen and a physical keyboard — it’s the size of a Canadian passport hence the name.

The phone will be available in Canada first on Telus where, until October 1st it will cost $200 on a two-year contact or $750 if purchased outright. After that the price jumps by $50. will also start selling it today for $699 unlocked.

BlackBerry announced that it plans on bringing the Passport to 30 other countries by the end of the year including the UK, France, Germany, Singapore, and the US, where it will be sold by AT&T for $250 on contact or $599 unlocked.

The Passport was hardly kept a secret. Today’s unveiling was akin to holding a graduation party months after receiving one’s diploma. BlackBerry and its PR minions paraded the Passport around at events for the last few months as if anyone really cared.