Twitter’s CEO Will Respond To Whether He’s High Once He Finishes These Doritos

Peter Thiel thinks Twitter is more 420 than 140-characters. In a CNBC interview today, the famous Facebook investor bashed its competitor saying “Twitter is hard to evaluate. They have a lot of potential. It’s a horribly mismanaged company—probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there.”

And when Twitter employee Jason Goldman ribbed Twitter CEO and former improv comedian Dick Costolo about it, the chief had the perfect response. After Goldman joked that maybe it was Thiel who was blazed when he said he wanted to live on a seasteading platform with its own laws, Dick replied “working my way through a giant bag of Doritos. I’ll catch up with you later.”

The whole thing is even sillier considering Thiel donated $70,000 to a marijuana legalization campaign in 2010. But now he’s promoting his book Zero To One, and a little controversy can’t hurt sales.

This isn’t Twitter’s first run in with that sticky icky. Snoop Dogg notoriously smoked up Twitter’s whole office during a visit while the executives were out of town. Costolo was apparently pissed.

But at least Thiel’s investment vehicle Founders Fund isn’t letting today’s kerfuffle harsh its vibe. This morning it tweeted:

[Image Via Pandodaily]