Disrupt Alum Edyn, Maker of a Smart Garden Sensor, Scores Distribution Through Home Depot

Edyn, which debuted on-stage at TechCrunch Disrupt a year ago with a slightly jankier cubical prototype of a Internet-connected garden sensor, is back with sleeker model and a partnership to sell them in Home Depot next spring.

The startup’s system, which comes with a soil sensor that can tell you pH, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture and an automated water valve, helps gardeners figure out how to precisely care for their plants. A paired app lets users see recommendations on which plants to use given their garden’s conditions.

They launched on-stage at Disrupt last fall, then unveiled a full-fledged Kickstarter campaign over the summer that raised $384,000. That made it the most successful agricultural tech product on Kickstarter to date, with 5,000 units of sales. You can still pre-order product for $159 here.

Because of Disrupt last year, Edyn’s prototype (then called SoilIQ) piqued the interest of some reps from Home Depot. They sent a cold e-mail to the company and CEO Jason Aramburu.

“They saw it as Disrupt and really liked it,” said Aramburu, who previously worked on sustainable agricultural techniques in East Africa before starting Edyn. “A deal like this has always been the plan, but we were never able to announce it.”