Apple’s Livestream Is A Non-Loading, Needlessly-Translated Clusterfudge

Apple: great at hardware, still figuring out this whole Internet thing. Today it was supposed to reveal the future on stage, but instead, many viewers were met with a timed-out livestream site or weird TV test patterns, and a stream overdubbed with Chinese and Japanese translations.

It’s a big disappointment considering Apple’s launches have become a cultural event where the world sees what one of the richest, smartest, companies has built to delight and assist us. Instead, we were reminded that Apple takes care of every little detail until it doesn’t. The edges of the new iPhone might be smooth glass, but its debut is a snarled mess of crossed wires.

This does not inspire confidence that Apple will fix iCloud, or be able to reliably handle our health data or mobile payments.

And do we seriously have to watch on Safari?