Amazon Drops The Price Of The Fire Phone To 99 Cents

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.18.46 AM

Because nothing says “Our new product is selling great!” like dropping its price down by 99.5% two months after launch, Amazon has dropped the price of the Fire Phone from $200 to 99 cents.

Before you head over to Amazon with nothing but a lone Washington in hand, remember: it’s 99 cents with a 2-year contract, and it’s only available on AT&T. At AT&T’s current cheapest monthly rate ($60), that $1 phone really ends up costing you closer to $1,441.

Without the service plan, the 32GB Fire Phone still costs $449.

If you’re willing to ignore that a new iPhone is almost certainly being announced tomorrow, or that preeetty much any Android phone on the market would probably be a better pick in the long run, you can find the deeply discounted Fire Phone here