Experiment 8 – Guess It, The Hack That Wants You To Play “The Price Is Right” For Discounts When You Shop

The team behind Experiment 8 – Guess It has a terrible name and a simple idea: Guess the price of any product on its website correctly and get a deep discount. Come close and get a smaller one.

Their vision is to gamify the shopping experience and breathe new life into the moribund model that existing daily-deal e-commerce websites currently use (including the team’s own).

See, the hack from Experiment 8 – Guess It also answers the question, when is a hack more than a hack? As the name “Experiment 8” implies, this is the eighth attempt from the team at Daily Steals to find a way to increase engagement with their company’s site. They came in to the hackathon yesterday with little more than their seven months of working together as a team with the desire to do something to improve the way shoppers bought goods online. It’s unclear what the team would do with the prize for the TechCrunch hackathon if it wins. But what is certain is that any validation of the hack could go a long way toward improving the shopping experience on Daily Steals.

And who doesn’t love “The Price Is Right”?