3Doodler Launches New Accessories Including A Much-Needed, Anti-Burninating Foot Pedal

In todays small, hand-held 3D printer news, we learn that 3Doodler (think of a hot glue gun with a lot more usability) has released a few new accessories including a foot pedal that allows you to extrude filament without having to press the button on the device.

I played with the 3Doodler a few months ago and was duly impressed. In the right hands – and with the right degree of intensity – you can make some cool stuff. For example, the company commissioned a copy of Tokyo Tower for IFA in Berlin. They also announced new nozzle endings as well as twelve new plastics.

There is also something called the DoodleStand, a stand that allows you to to roll a straight line of filament. The company also announced that they’ve sold 100,000 units, an exciting milestone for a small company run by former toy builders.

via 3DPrint