Zimperium Updates Its Security Suite To Protect Employees’ iOS Devices From Cyberattacks

Zimperium, a mobile security company, provides a way to test if a public network has any vulnerabilities. Now, the company has updated its Mobile Threat Defense Suite to 2.0, bringing a new app to iOS devices — zIPS.

zIPS (or Zimperium Intrusion Prevention System), which was released on Android about six months ago, uses machine-learning technology to understand how the device functions in day-to-day usage. Once it recognizes daily patterns, it detects unknown and known threats when the device begins to act irregularly.

Implementing the behavior detection engine took less than two weeks on iOS, but fitting it to iOS standards delayed the app.

The zIPS app is geared towards corporate employees and not the average consumer, which is unfortunate because it would be great to have this type of security on every smartphone.

“There is nothing prohibiting us from making this product available for consumers; however, we are focused right now on protecting enterprises, and we’ll consider releasing to the public down the road,” says Itzhak “Zuk” Avraham, Zimperium’s CEO and founder.

The app will not operate without the required Zimperium license and infrastructure.

But Avraham says in the future, zIPS will work on a broader scale and will protect the Internet of Things, which will extend Zimperium’s services to consumers and corporations.

In a partnership with Samsung, Zimperium’s Android apps will be added to Samsung’s KNOX 2.0 marketplace. KNOX is Samsung’s mobile security enterprise software that will be the default security solution for Android.
The company raised $8 million from Sierra Ventures  last year and is backed by Samsung.