Microsoft Promises Fix For Surface Pro 3 Overheating Issue

The issue that is causing some Surface Pro 3 devices to restart and tell users that they are overheating is an error, according to Microsoft. The company has promised a fix in short order.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet hybrid has an Intel Core i7 processor option; Microsoft says the chip requires “[its] fan to spin more regularly and at higher speeds – and for the unit to run slightly warmer.” Reasonable enough. I’ve noticed that my loaner Core i5-based Surface Pro 3 can get a bit warm when docked, but that’s not too surprising given its hardware mix when you consider the size of the device.

According to the software company, “a very small number” of Pro 3 devices are impacted.

It’s been an interesting rollout for the Surface Pro 3. I recently lost a bet regarding Surface revenue in Microsoft’s most recent quarter due to my miscomprehension of how pre-order data for the Pro 3 device would be accounted for. Presumably, Surface revenue for Redmond will be quite a bit higher in the current financial period.

For now, if you sprung for the priciest Pro 3 SKU, help is on the way.