Pinterest Investor Fritz Lanman Working On Two Different Companies

Less than two years after selling his company Livestar to Pinterest, early Pinterest and Square investor Fritz Lanman is up to his old entrepreneurial tricks.

Lanman, a former Microsoft VP who continues to make angel investments (he led the seed round of Class Pass), is trying out the “company builder” model, dividing his efforts between Doppler Labs, which is focused on wearable tech products, and DWNLD, a framework for mobile app development in the same space as the recent Palantir acquisition, Propeller.

Each company has already raised seven-figure seed rounds: Doppler from investors Kal Vepuri, Adrian Aoun and Hank Vigil among others and DWNLD from CrunchFund* and William Morris Agency among others.

Each startup is set to launch product in September, with Doppler at 30 employees and DWLND at 15.

Doppler Labs wants to “change the way you hear the world,” and we’ve heard that it will be coming out with an entire product line, with its first product offering hearing protection (details are scarce).

DWNLD wants to create apps for media companies, and has attracted quite a few former Googlers, Tumblrs and Foursquares, in addition to former Thrillist VPĀ Alexandra Keating as CEO.

Both fledgling startups have products that will debut this September, under the guidance of Lanman, who did not have to join Pinterest full time as part of the acquisition deal.

Oh the sweet smell of new startups.

*Disclosure: CrunchFund was started by Michael Arrington who also started this blog.

Image via Adam Tinworth