Verizon Video Reveals The HTC One M8 With Windows Phone


A new video just launched on Verizon’s YouTube channel reveals what we pretty much knew was coming: HTC has created a Windows Phone-powered version of its flagship HTC One M8. The previously Android-only phone will be available with Windows exclusively on Verizon at launch.

It packs HTC’s signature UFocus feature which takes advantage of the M8’s dual camera setup, and also includes Cortana, the Windows Phone personal assistant. HTC setting up the M8 for double duty is an interesting move, and pretty much unheard of for a company’s top-level device (without hardware modifications). HTC probably wants to find a way to jazz sales, and of course Windows is always looking for new champions.

The hardware is some of the best in the business, so it’ll be interesting to see if this does indeed move the needle for Microsoft and its mobile business.