ScriptRock Scores $8.7M In Funding According To SEC Filing

IT DevOps monitoring company ScriptRock has recently received 8.7 maillion in venture funding, according to an SEC filing. As part of the deal, it appears that Australian VC Hamish Hawthorne is listed as a director, which usually indicates that his firm ATP Innovations led the round.

ATP Innovations hasn’t replied to a request for comment, nor has ScriptRock replied to multiple attempts to contact them to confirm the story. Nonetheless, the Form D makes it clear they have filed the paperwork that follows a funding close.

ScriptRock was founded in 2012. Its focus is data center configuration monitoring in the datacenter or the cloud. The idea is to provide an organized way of understanding how your systems are configured such as the number of licenses, how well you are complying with regulatory compliance and so forth.

This type of information is usually locked away in dense documentation or inside the heads of personnel scattered across the company. ScriptRock’s primary product GuardRail provides a central repository for managing this kind of data.

What’s more the product includes an API to connect to popular tools like Chef, AnsibleWorks, Puppet and Docker.

With the funding outlined in the Form D, it brings the total to date to $10M. Previously it had a $25,000 seed round in In January, 2012 around the time they launched and $1.2M in seed funding 6 months later from a variety of funding sources including Mark Jung, Anthony Marcar, Alan Jones, Larry Marshall, Scott Petry, Valar Ventures, 500 Startups, Starfish Ventures and Square Peg Capital.

Co-founders and co-CEOs (and unusual division of labor to be sure) Mike Baukes and Alan Sharp-Paul are also listed on the Form D. A third co-founder left the company last year. Both remaining co-founders have long histories in IT at big companies and set out to solve a problem they had seen in their years working in the field.