Microsoft Updates Windows 8.1 And Surface Tablets

It’s a big day in the Windows world, with Microsoft rolling out a grip of security patches, updates for Surface tablets, and new capabilities for Windows 8.1 as part of its August update.

Nine security updates are part of the package, addressing what Microsoft calls “37 unique Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.” The Surface updates are a bit more interesting, impacting Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro and Surface RT devices. Expect a mix of stability improvements and hardware tweaks.

Turning to Windows, the new stuff isn’t called Update 2, but it does bring some new stuff to the platform that matters more in the sense that Microsoft is delivering Windows updates on a monthly cycle, which is new. With Windows 8.1 Update 1, Microsoft pooled features, and then hit go on them as a group. Now it’s looking to more quickly get out new code.

As TechCrunch reported previously:

So what is coming in the non-Update 2 August release? Trackpad improvements, better SharePoint Online integration, and Wi-Fi API updates for external developers. Good stuff, but not on the same size-scale as Update 1.

Taken together, it’s New Code Day if you are a Windows user. Get thee to Windows Update and, well, update Windows.