The Moto 360 Android Wear Watch Is Ready For Its Closeup

Android Wear is already out in the wild, on peoples’ wrists and theoretically in their hearts, but the Moto 360, the round-faced smartwatch that has caught the eye of many a fashion-conscious consumer, is supposed to be coming something this month, and a new leak suggests it’s just about ready for prime time.

The images come from Italian blogger Luca Viscardi (via and show the Moto 360 with a slightly refined design compared to what was on display at Google’s I/O developer conference back in June. The new photos show the 360’s Qi-based wireless charging function in action, give us an idea of what the final design looks like in terms of size compared to the LG G Watch, and shows off its optical heart rate sensor, plus a label that confirms IP67 water and dust resistance.

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Basically, the pictures do everything to reinforce my impression that this will be hands-down the best Android Wear watch available in terms of style and good looks when it finally hits the market, hopefully this month. Wireless charging, if executed well, should also do away with one of the most annoying aspects of existing Wear watches, since it won’t require a proprietary charging cradle – any pad with Qi induction charging compatibility should work in theory.

If I had to choose one Android Wear watch to get, this is already the one I’d pick, based purely on its attention to design. Let’s hope performance is up to par when it does become available.