Uber Comes To Flint And Makes Me Very Happy

I live in a dead city outside of a larger dead city in Michigan. We’re always last to get things. But Uber is finally in Flint, Michigan. This is the best day ever.

In fact Uber just launched across Michigan today in Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

Other TechCrunch writers were quick to point out that this move is a sign that Uber is “scraping the barrel” for new markets. I agree! Flint is the last place in this fine state that I would have expected Uber to launch.

Uber was already in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Grand Rapids is fantastic, Kalamazoo is nice and Lansing is, well, the state capital so why not. But Flint? Murder capital USA? No way. At least now, thanks to Uber, I don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot at the new farmer’s market.

Since launching, starting with the largest markets first, Uber has systematically brought their on-demand taxi service to smaller and smaller markets. The service is in over 150 cities now. At this point, the company clearly knows how to roll into insignificant areas like Flint and launch its service. And that’s great for me!