TechCrunch TV’s New Show Incubated Is All About What It’s Like To Be In A Tech Accelerator

Let’s say you’re a founder and want to join an accelerator, but you’re not sure which one. Nowadays there are dozens of different tech accelerator or incubator programs out there to choose from, and each offers something different.

With our latest TechCrunch TV series, Incubated, we’re hoping to provide startup founders with all the info they might need before they make the decision to apply to an accelerator.

For the last several months, we’ve been conducting interviews with the managing directors, mentors, and founders who have participated in a variety of different incubators to find out what each of them is all about. Now we’re ready to share those insights with you.

Every Wednesday afternoon over the next 10 weeks, we’ll be releasing a new episode of Incubated, each of which will be focused on one of the top accelerators in the U.S. We’ll talk to the folks running the programs as well as founders who have lived through them for more insight into what startups can expect, and what they’ll get out of, each accelerator.

So whether you’re looking at a media-focused accelerator like Turner Media Camp or Matter.VC, or you’re trying to choose between different programs in the Los Angeles area, or maybe you’re just weighing the pros and cons of 500 Startups vs. Y Combinator, Incubated will help you understand what you can expect when you apply and if you’re accepted into all of these accelerators.