Watch Two Teams Of Gamers Compete For $6.5M Right Now

It’s Monday which means you, my friend, deserve a break. As it turns out, today is the final day of The International 4, a Dota 2 — that’s a video game, in case you are quite behind — tournament that has a total prize pool of more than $10 million.

The finals, which are live right now, will divvy up around $6.5 million to the two winning teams. Whichever can take down the best of five series will walk away with more than $5 million, or around half of the total prize pool.

Never heard of Dota 2? It’s on ESPN now, and has millions of players around the world. Hundreds of thousands are tuning into the tournament.

Grab a coffee, and take a peek:

Top Image Credit: Dota 2