Taptalk Taps Phone Contacts To Add Friends, And A New Game Emerges

One of the issues I’ve been grappling with with the Taptalk social photos and location app, is that although it’s super simple and addictive — way more so that Snapchat I’d say — adding friends until now has been a chore. You had to literally type people’s handles in to the app.

But, good news fellow Taptalkers! A new update to the Beta version of the app just out, means you can now add many of your contacts (open that link from your phone to download). This is achieved by verifying your mobile phone number, and allowing the app to add contacts of yours who are using the app. You can add me if you like: mikebutcher (sorry, but I don’t promise to add you back ;-).

Of course, it’s still frustrating that you can’t add Friends from Facebook or Twitter. But clearly this is an interesting strategy – it means Taptalk still exists outside those ecosystems, and thus has much more control over its destiny.

At the same, a clever new game has emerged – #tapwhere.

It all started when TechCrunch’s Susan Hobbs, sent a tap to Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover (rrhoover on Taptalk), asking, “where am I?”.

Here’s how to play #tapwhere, according to Hoover.

1. Open Taptalk
2. Enter #tapwhere
3. Aim your camera at something recognizable but not too obvious (remember, the map might provide a clue)
4. Tap the recipient to send your #tapwhere
5. Wait for their response… if they can’t identify the location, be kind and give them a hint
6. If your #tapwhere buddy guesses correctly, they’re awarded invisible cool points (hooray!)
7. Start over at step 1 when you change locations

Social applications like this emerged on other platforms – the @-ing and hashtags on Twitter came from the users of Twitter themselves.

There is no reason the same thing can’t happen with Taptalk.