With Monocle, You Can Browse Your Custom Reddit Front Page With Google Glass

Cats! Cats everywhere! Now you can view cat gifs and less important Reddit posts through Google Glass, provided that you own a pair.

Ian Jennings, co-founder of Hacker League (bought by Intel last year), built the Reddit-browsing Glassware Monocle by himself. While there is another Reddit app for Glass called Reddit Timeline, Jennings’ was reviewed and approved by Google and is directly available on the MyGlass portal.

Monocle, a third-party app not associated with Reddit, links your Reddit account to bring your custom front page to your Glass once per hour. The Glassware lets you view full posts and allows you to upvote and downvote articles.


Glass can open the article as a webpage, and if the post is a text-post, it will optimize for the glass reader and present the text in a readable format. Users can tap the Glass touchpad to upvote and downvote articles.

Unfortunately, Jennings said Monocle only lets you do one action at the moment so he prioritized content. You can’t view comments for posts, although it does work for posts that link to comments.

Jennings plans to include more features like the ability to post to Reddit from Glass and receiving private messages.

Building the app took him about 3 to 4 months, but Jennings said it took Google about 6 months to review it. He worked in Node.js and the app is a combination of the Reddit API and the Google Glass Mirror API.

He is currently doing an AMA on Reddit.


So if you’ve got Glass, have fun procrastinating wherever you go.