The $5 Million Cooler

Forget potato salads. There’s a new Kickstarter superstar: The Coolest Cooler. It’s just a cooler yet so much more. It already has over $5 million in funding on Kickstarter with 45 days left on its campaign and is about to break into Kickstarter’s top 5 most-funded projects. It’s just the coolest!

Excuse the infomercial talk, but this thing has everything: a blender, a speaker, big wheels, USB power, lights, and more. There’s even a bottle opener secured to the front. Disruption!

The Kickstarter page states that The Coolest will retail for $299. That’s a lot of beer money. But if you order it through the Kickstarter campaign, it only costs $185. And over 23,000 people have already pledged enough money to buy one. Clearly Coleman, Igloo and all the rest of the cooler establishment missed the mark on this one.

With just over $5,000,000 in funding and 45 days left, the Coolest is about to eclipse Reading Rainbow’s funding level and is closing in on the Veronica Mars movie and Neil Young’s Pono Music player.

Does the world need a $300 smart cooler? Of course!