Of Course The FCC’s Website Is Crashing, But You Can Still Leave A Comment On Net Neutrality

Today is the final day a person can comment on the FCC’s net neutrality proposal. But it’s currently not possible. That part of the FCC’s website — the part where a person can leave a comment — is dead and has been for most of the day.

Clearly this government agency, with its archaic, non-functional website, should be in charge of the future of the Internet.

The agency has so far received 677,000 comments on the topic that centers around whether there should be so-called fast lanes on the Internet. Everyone, from the giants of the Internet to key members of Congress, think the current plan is a bad idea.

John Oliver explained the dire situation the best.

Even with the FCC’s web form currently not working, it’s possible to still leave a comment voicing your thoughts in the FCC’s dedicated inbox, openinternet@fcc.gov. We would encourage you to tell them exactly how you feel and what correct course of action the FCC should take instead.