Don’t Worry, Time Traveler: You Can Now Play Flappy Bird On The Apple II


I think this might be it, everyone. Flappy Bird in its final form. The ridiculous Flappy Bird port to end all ridiculous Flappy Bird ports.

Disappointed to find out that 1977’s legendary Apple II was one of the few systems that couldn’t play Flappy Bird (people joke that Flappy Bird is the new “Hello World”), developer Dagen Brock set out to make things right. After around 6 weeks of tinkering with the idea whenever he found a free moment, he had it: Flappy Bird, running at a full 60FPS on just a single solitary megahertz* (sound effects and all!).

Given the systems in mind here, Brock has prepped his port (“Flapple Bird” or “FlapIIe Bird”, as he calls it) for use on 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppies. In the not-at-all-unlikely chance you don’t have an Apple II waiting to be dusted off, there’s also an emulated web version.

Please note: if you do bust out your old Apple II for this, you’re more or less obligated to play a few hours of Oregon Trail, Zork, and/or Adventure while you’re at it.

[* Yep: — the singular form of “megahertz” is, in fact, megahertz. Hertz is a last name, not a radical pluralization]