ScribbleLive Acquires CoveritLive, Will Still Operate Both Brands

Once bitter rivals ScribbleLive and CoveritLive are now family. Scribble Technologies is today announcing the acquisition of CoveritLive from Demand Media, effectively bringing two of the largest live content creation companies under one roof.

The two companies have slightly different product sets, but the same aim: To empower brands and companies with tools to bring live content to their readers and fans.

Several years ago, the two companies participated in a sort of arms race to build the best liveblogging platform. One always trumped the other and then WordPress dropped a bombshell and released its own, effectively removing all the air from the room. Still, ScribbleLive and CoveritLive moved past simply offering a liveblogging platform and now have a bevy of content creation and social media products designed to provide live content to the reader.

“2014 has been a great year for Scribble and our company’s growth. We’ve expanded our international presence, released a new enterprise product, and powered more than 4 billion engagement minutes in the past 30 days alone,” said Vincent Mifsud, CEO at ScribbleLive, in a released statement. “CoveritLive will help us accelerate our growth rate even further and exponentially increase our influence in the market.”

With the addition of CoveritLive’s account, ScribbleLive will power engagement for an impressive number of companies, including over 1,500 total customers, the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and all three of the U.S.’ top news networks.

Terms of the acquisition have not been released yet and are being held up by SEC regulatory steps. The plan is to operate both ScribbleLive and CoveritLive as separately branded solutions and eventually merge the two products into one encompassing live content platform.