Finally, A Way To Find Movies Worth Watching On Netflix

Netflix is like the candy dish at your grandmother’s house. Most of the movies are crap, but you know, buried somewhere in there, is something worth your time. A Better Queue is a site dedicated to finding the Werther’s Originals in Netflix based on Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

It’s simple enough: Set the filter to exclude movies rated under a certain amount, select the year the movie was released and then the genre. After that, hit Filter and the site returns movies currently available for streaming on Netflix. Click the cover art to go to that title on Netflix. It’s as easy as that.

Sadly, there’s not a mobile app but the site does work well on mobile browsers.

Sites like this demonstrate Netflix’s glaring issue of not having a logical content management system. It’s a library only browsable from 10 feet back. You know there’s something good in there, but you can’t get close enough to see what’s truly available.

Until Netflix institutes a better search, users will increasingly turn to sites like A Better Queue to use Netflix. Or they’ll turn to Amazon, which in my experience, does a better job showing users what’s available for their precious TV viewing time.