TC Cribs: Pocket Gems, Where The Office Gets Snazzed Up $100 At A Time

Today’s episode of Cribs brings us to Pocket Gems, the San Francisco mobile entertainment startup.

Pocket Gems just might have the most amount of personal “flair” items around the office of any company I’ve visited, and that’s saying something. That may be because each employee at Pocket Gems gets $100 to put toward new office decorations of their choosing. Some people pool their cash together to buy something like a pool table, and others use the money for one-off items like inflatable palm trees, or lounge chairs, or even fencing equipment. Being that Pocket Gems’ staff is an artistic bunch, the office keeps getting filled up with pretty unique stuff.

See it all for yourself in the video embedded above. Below, check out some photos our team took of Pocket Gems HQ.
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