And The First Game To Find Its Way To Android Wear Is… Yep, You Guessed It.


Quick! Take a guess: which endlessly ported/cloned game is the first to have made its way to Android Wear watches? Doom? Tetris? Far Cry 3?

Nope! It’s Flappy Bird. Yaaaay.

This is where I’d normally place a few dozen words explaining the game, but you already know pretty much everything there is to know: Flopsy Droid is Flappy Bird. On your wrist. Instead of a bird, it’s a Droid. Pipes are bad.

Is it perfect? Nah. Even the game’s creator, Sebastian Mauer, calls it completely experimental. The physics are a bit wonky, and even getting the game to start is kind of weird — you either need to say “Okay Google — start Flopsy Droid” (which we actually couldn’t get to work) or press a button on your phone (which sort of defeats the point of having a game on your wrist).

But it’s a start! If Android Wear watches manage to find a large user base, it’s a whole new platform/form factor for game developers to explore and battle over. Android Wear game developers just have to answer the same question that most developers are still working out: what can I do on a watch that my phone can’t do just as well or better?