Everyone Has Seen Fireworks, No One Needs Your Photos

Here’s a novel idea for watching the fireworks: use your eyes. See, the Fourth Of July is when we celebrate the birth of our nation by blowing up a small part of it. But when the urge to pull out your camera phone strikes you, instead, leave it in your pocket, throw your arm around the person next to you, and just be present in the moment.

You’re never going to look at those firework photos or videos anyway. The courteous, pity-likes you would’ve gotten on Instagram mean nothing. What matters is if you were truly alive, awake, and inspired by the spectacle, not some digital momento or proof. You’re probably not going to capture 1/10th of what it was actually like to be there, so why sacrifice the first-hand experience for some crappy, second-hand imitation?

Firework photoAnd if you absolutely must wedge a phone between you and the experience, at least don’t be basic about it. PicStitch together a montage. Snapchat or Slingshot an explosion and draw a silly face on it. Frontback it so at least your mug makes the photo unique. Or better yet, rally some friends around and take a firework-illuminated selfie.

If you don’t believe me, look back at some of your old photos. I’d bet you’ll find most of the ones without people in them pretty boring. So when the bombs are bursting in air, remember the only thing¬†that counts is right then and there.

[Image Credit: Adam4d remixed by me]