72Lux Launches Shoppable, Giving Users A Universal Wish List With Multiple Retailers

72Lux today announced the launch of Shoppable, a new website and e-commerce platform that allows consumers to manage their shopping wish lists over a variety of retailers and publishers in one place.

Previously, 72Lux provided its universal checkout service to digital publishers to sell products on their websites without users having to click away to the retailer’s site. In doing this, the publisher takes a commission for selling the product through their own site.

Now, the Shoppable marketplace, which contains millions of products ranging from beauty products to gadgets in its catalog, provides a universal shopping list for consumers to see their cart from multiple retailers and publishers that 72Lux has partnered with.

Bloggers and publishers can use the products in the catalog once they have signed up with the service to monetize their website by selling products on their site using 72Lux’s patent-pending technology.

72Lux launched its universal checkout in 2011 and since then, it seems as though the simplification of e-commerce is growing. Other services such as Cosmic Cart and Mulu have recently provided ways for retailers to monetize their websites with a simplified checkout system on their own website as well.

On the consumer end, partners such as Essence Magazine use 72Lux’s API to allow the consumer to click a button to add a product to their Shoppable list. This can be accessed at any time in the consumer’s Shoppable account, which is also features a cross-platform login for multiple partnered websites.

“it creates a very simple shopping experience for our consumer, and it gives the consumer multiple different paths to purchase,” said Heather Marie, CEO and founder of 72Lux.

With the publisher, 72Lux shares a 50-50 commission on a sale, and with each retailer there is a set commission. Product prices are always matched through the Shoppable catalog, with retailers and publishers as well.

“When I started this company I was living in downtown San Francisco, working a block from all the major retailers and I didn’t have time to go on my lunch break so I would shop online,” Marie said. “And I realized that part of why this all started was that shopping online was not as easy as it should be and as easily as technology could make it.”

It certainly does make managing wish lists with online retailers easier. All that depends is whether or not your favorite retailers or publishers are partners with the company.

Marie said the company has plans to create apps for the Shoppable marketplace in the future.

72Lux’s Shoppable website went live a few hours ago, and will be officially launched at today’s New York Tech Meetup at 7 p.m.