StartupDocuments Brings Incorporation Documents To Founders At A Fraction Of The Cost

Law firms continue to break out the more commoditized ends of their businesses.

Leila Banijamali, a startup lawyer whose firm Bedrock has worked with companies like Foodspotting, AdStack and RewardMe, just launched StartupDocuments.

It’s an online incorporation service and document generator for startups. From anywhere from $79 for a basic certificate of incorporation to slightly more than $200 if you want the company to handle the filing in Delaware on behalf of you, Banijamali offers a couple of service tiers.

“One of the barriers for launching a startup is legal services, but they come at such a high cost,” she said. “Clients are now becoming more empowered though. They’re becoming more sophisticated because of all the great technology that has forced the legal services model to change.”

She said that while there are other online legal services like LegalZoom, they don’t necessarily focus on startups. “I don’t want to launch it with a ton of documents like LegalZoom, because this is a real niche market,” she said.

Meanwhile, legal startups like YC-backed Clerky don’t offer as much customization, she said.

The biggest law firms like Orrick have their own start-up form libraries, while Y Combinator has shared basic documents on seed financing for awhile.

She said she’ll continue to operate Bedrock while running StartupDocuments.