Watch Our Wrap-Up Of The Google I/O Keynote And Day One

Google’s I/O developer conference kicked off today, and the company held its keynote address to give an overview of all the news it revealed at the event. The changes included a preview of the upcoming version of Android, dubbed “L” for now, which brings a new design paradigm to Google’s OS that helps it work across different types of screens and devices.

There were ups and there were downs during the nearly three-hour keynote, but ultimately, Google unveiled a lot of amazing new stuff. The company also spent a lot of time talking about stuff that even developers would have a hard time getting excited about, at least when presented on stage. They really did paint a vision of a unified future of Android and Chrome on the desktop, on mobile, in your car, on your wrist and beyond – in a way that isn’t just an awkwardly forced translation of one way of using software across each different usage scenario.

Overall, we were impressed, as you generally are when a multi-billion-dollar corporation spends a sizable chunk of money on cool stuff. But Cardboard may have won the day in the end.