The First Android Wear Smartwatches Will Go On Sale Today

Want a mini Android display on your wrist? Both LG and Samsung’s first Android Wear smartwatches will be available for purchase starting today, June 25 — and yes, Samsung is now making an Android Wear device. Called the Samsung Gear Live, it looks a lot like its Tizen counterparts.

Sadly, the stunning Moto 360 smartwatch will not be available until later in the summer.

Google will make a full Android Wear SDK available, allowing you to build custom UI, control sensors, tie into voice actions, and send data back and forth to a phone/tablet.

Today, on stage at Google I/O 2014, Google demoed several Android Wear functions that will be available on all Android Wear devices including swiping to dismiss messages and displaying contextual information relevant to the wearer.

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