French Soccer Fans Can Yo The National Team

The jury is still out on if Yo is the future of electronic communication or just a conversation-starting fad, but that isn’t stopping brands getting in on the one-syllable action, as they are wont to do.

This now includes the French national football team, which, timed to perfection for today’s World Cup match against Ecuador, isĀ inviting fans to send them a “Yo” – or “Yos”, plural — in support of the team. Then, if and when France scores a goal, they’ll get a “Yo” in return. If only England had been this forward-thinking ….

Admittedly, France’s use of Yo isn’t the first time the app has been employed in conjunction with the World Cup — Yo itself has already jumped on the bandwagon. But, the fact this is the French shows how far the Yo meme has traveled. And to think, the app hasn’t even been localised yet!

For those who want to keep score — of the “Yo”s that is, not tonight’s match — a Yo-inspired micro site has been thrown up, including a realtime Yo counter. At the time of posting, nearly 2,000 “Yo”s have been sent. Meanwhile, the match still has almost two hours to go before kick-off.