ReplayLastGoal Instantly Tweets Video Of The Latest World Cup Goal

We interrupt our normal programming to inform you of a handy new service for those of us still watching the World Cup in Brazil. @ReplayLastGoal is a Twitter bot that automatically tweets the video replay and animated GIF of the latest goal in the tournament. Handy right? There are plenty of ways to get the score fast – but this actually SHOWS you the goal. Awesome.

The open source project is by Xavier Damman, the Cofounder of @Storify (acquired by @Livefyre in 2013) and it’s seen its following rise since the the handy service sneaked out a week or so ago.

“I thought of doing this Twitter Bot because given the schedule, all the games happen during working hours so I don’t have the time to follow them,” Damman told me. “The only thing I could find were bots that were tweeting the score. But when there is a goal, I want to see it. So I built this bot during my nights.”

The bot records a live stream continuously with a 20 second buffer. When there is a goal, it records a short video, generates an animated gif and tweets it. With the recent support of animated gif on Twitter, it’s looking pretty good.

The not for profit open source project has also source code available for anyone who wants to create a similar service for anything else – how about baseball? Maybe.

Meanwhile, this is something the likes of FIFA should embrace – TV rights be damned…

(Photo Credit: Eser Karadağ /Flickr CC)