Twitter Acquires SnappyTV To Expand Offerings For Live Media Partners

snappytv-twitter-topTwitter announced today that it is acquiring SnappyTV, the service for clipping, editing and sharing clips from live broadcasts in near real-time. Already, Twitter says that it works with SnappyTV with a range of its broadcast and media partners, and this will help it continue to invest in those partnerships and support that important client group.

SnappyTV has helped Twitter provide video of key, highly shareable moments from huge sporting events, red carpet galas and other real-time global media events quickly and in the moment. The partnership makes this kind of content embeddable directly in Tweets, which is key to helping Twitter capture and amplify the moment on its network.

In a blog post on the SnappyTV site, the team behind the four-year old startup talks about how it has worked with Twitter Amplify as well as through organic growth to deliver clips of live and breaking events to Twitter streams. The company says it will continue to maintain and build its platform under the Twitter umbrella, and says with Twitter’s resources it’ll be able to grow and better its product offerings.

SnappyTV’s clients include Fox, The CW, Nascar, the U.S. Open and us, TechCrunch. As with most of its clients, we’ve used the service to quickly turn around specific segments from our live broadcasts (i.e. the TechCrunch Disrupt conference livestream) for embedding in posts on Twitter, our blog and elsewhere. On the backend, SnappyTV offers analytics to tell you where your views are coming from and to help measure social engagement with the clips you share.

For Twitter, this is about extending the toolset it can offer to live content producers, who often turn to the network as the social webbing that can unify and amplify a dispersed audience. Twitter’s Deb Roy is Twitter’s Chief Media Scientist, and at a conference in London last year he discussed the strategy behind Twitter’s partnerships with live broadcast partners, and SnappyTV fits right in with those plans.