It seemed so simple. So mindless. And yet, creating this has, for me, been a journey. A journey from the Poke to the Like, as I was saying only the other day to my co-founder, Roi.

But today, I can reveal to you the new app I’m working on and am poised to leave TechCrunch for: Meh.

Yes, Meh may leave you scratching your head. Or scratching something. But Meh is about sending other users a single word: Meh. See? It’s so simple.

This contextually-relevant, zeitgeist-capturing experience will target the existentially minded hipster, allowing users to simply and quickly share their little, disinterested shrugs. Their little moments of ‘Hey, I’m just not thinking about you ok?’ kind of moments. Their feelings of ‘Hey, whatever…’

We already have tens of active users in the hipster capitals of Shoreditch, the Mission and Kreuzberg. We’ve seen as many as 26 Mehs pass across our servers.

While other apps may be leveraging context, Meh is leveraging something greater than that: complete and utter disinterest. We think this is an untapped resource in social media.

Time and again people have wanted the Dislike button on Facebook. Today they have that.

They have Meh.

This isn’t ‘Digital Dualism’. This is ‘Digital Dullism’.

Meh is about being faster to look cool and disinterested than anyone else.

Call it Social Grooming for the perpetually unimpressed.

I’m going to place my bets early: While other such apps will have dropped out of our collective consciousness by next year, Meh is here to stay.

And I’m happy to announce that we’ve already secured $1.8 million in funding, exactly a third more than that other app with the purple logo. Why? I’ll tell you why. We have ONE MORE LETTER, that’s why. Because as of this week, one extra letter gets you a third more funding. Yes. That’s how the Valley rolls.

Meh is a signal of a larger trend. A trend of Meh.

Because a Meh is the new unit of currency for completely stupid startup ideas that win funding off the back of ridiculous, dumb hype from Silicon Valley (sometimes).

Welcome to Meh. It’s here to stay.