Disney’s Star Wars Scene Maker For iPad Lets Users Build Their Own Animated Fanfic

Disney has a new mobile app that uses its recently-acquired Star Wars IP out today: Star Wars Scene Maker is now on the App Store, and it lets kids of all ages build their own Star Wars stories using 3D-rendered graphics and animations, along with the option to record your own voice over for dialog and built-in music for epic soundtracks.

The app is the ultimate fanfiction tool, short of hiring a production crew, building sets and hiring Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Han Solo in your own retelling of the saga’s epic events. The first app comes with scenes built-in including the Battle of Endor, the Cloud City duel and the Death Star Trench Run. Only the Battle of Endor comes in the app pre-installed, with additional scenes costing $2.99 each, or $3.99 for a combo pack that includes both.

You can add characters and models to each, select weapons, set paths and camera angles, and generally control every aspect of what happens. Once you’re finished, you can share your creation across various networks and save them for later revisiting. The iPad app is pretty much perfect, but it needs more variety and depth in terms of scene options – I need to rewrite the Greedo/Han Mos Eisley cantina showdown once and for all so that the damn bounty hunter didn’t shoot first.