Twitter Embraces The Sky Selfie With Its New ‘Dronie’ Account, Featuring Patrick Stewart

Twitter’s official “Dronie” is at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year, taking the robot-powered zoom out selfies first popularized by the NYT’s Nick Bilton and Photojojo founder Amit Gupta. The Dronie is a UAV with a camera mount that records dronies to post to its official Twitter account using a camera mounted to its undercarriage, and Twitter’s six-second video service Vine as the publication method. The first dronie captured by the account features Sir Patrick Stewart, whose selfie game is famously tight.

The account was created by Twitter Advertising, and Twitter VP of Brand Strategy Joel Lunenfeld co-stars in the Patrick Stewart inaugural edition. The project is part of a larger push by Twitter’s advertising department to showcase the importance of live coverage at the annual awards show, which is designed to honor creative communications professionals. It’s a smart way to highlight two Twitter products (the main network and Vine) with a modern trend and a robotics hobbyist angle thrown in for good measure.

Only time will tell whether the Dronie becomes a regular fixture even at more star-studded events, but that will likely depend on how quickly the public grows tired of UAVs shooting video while flying away from their subjects in reverse.