Zuckerberg-Backed Lobby Group Fwd.us Will Spend $250K Airing Two New Pro-Immigration Reform Ads

Immigration reform, conventional wisdom goes, becomes less likely to pass the closer we come to the midterm election cycle. Despite that, and recent reticence of House Republicans to put the issue on the agenda at all, the Mark Zuckerberg-backed FWD.us lobbying group is spending $250,000 to air new advertisements on cable.

Why? According to the group, to “prod” the lower chamber of Congress into taking up immigration reform.

A recently released agenda for the House failed to mention an immigration bill, according to The Hill. The Senate passed a comprehensive package last year. The House leadership has favored a piecemeal process that has so far made little progress.

As such, high-skill immigration remains stuck fast.

Technology companies, like Zuckerberg’s Facebook, have a large incentive to see comprehensive immigration reform pass, as it seems unlikely that high-skill immigration reform will otherwise become law. For a rewind of how we got to where we are today, TechCrunch has you covered.

The two advertisements, taking on the issue from different sides of the ideological spectrum as is Fwd.us’s wont — the group has a right-leaning subsidiary called Americans for a Conservative Direction — will keep the issue in mind, but likely not much more.

Here are the clips: