CarHero Brings The Oil Change And Car Wash To You

Cars need to have their oil changed every 5,000 miles or so. Fact. But it’s a hassle. CarHero wants to make it less of a hassle by performing the routine service wherever the car is parked at home or the office. The company just launched in the Dallas area with the hope of scaling nationwide.

The idea is simple: Using, a customer orders and schedules an oil change for their vehicle. The technician, a CarHero Specialist as the company calls them, will come to the vehicle and perform the service as well as hand-wash the car and lightly detail the interior. The whole package is currently $57.

The company is bootstrapped and already has healthy margins. Currently, the service is only available in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Co-founder Carlton Green tells me that the company expects to easily scale the service. The company makes money on every service performed.

CarHero is essentially YourMechanic for just oil changes and washes. As the co-founder told me, though, CarHero’s model takes all the complexity out of on-demand car repair service. CarHero only offers one service package where YourMechanic aims to do most car repairs. By providing only those specific services, the company doesn’t have to stock or provide a wide-range of parts and tools — just oil, filters and car detailing supplies.